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Detox: How Fashion Is Cleaning Up Its Act

  "Detox: How Fashion is Cleaning Up Its Act" documents the voices of everyone from fashion companies, academics, NGOs, local communities and fashionistas - and shows how global #PeoplePower is pushing the industry to kick its toxic addiction. Find out which fashion companies are taking action - and which aren't - here:, photography and editing : Francesco Cabras e Alberto Molinari - Ganga FilmMusic: Ellen Alien BPitch Control, Alessandro Molinari, Luigi Di Filippo D Lewis @ Lrs Factory (IT) C&P AntibemusicNarrator: Orsola De Castro

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GAP Accused by Greenpeace of Polluting Indonesian Rivers

Greenpeace has accused fashion brand GAP of being involved in the dumping of toxic industrial waste into a major river system in Indonesia. The allegations are detailed in a new report from Greenpeace. The Citarum River in West Java has been labeled as the dirtiest river in the world and residents who live along the waterway have long complained of skin problems and declining fish stocks.Greenpeace claims an Indonesian garment factory PT Gistex Group is one of the companies behind the pollution and they are link to the global brand GAP.  

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