About Us

As designers and manufacturers of stylish children’s clothing brands made of 100% certified organic cotton fabric and dyed under the same standards and then sewn in a socially responsible environment, we're totally committed to the integrity of our product for the health and wellbeing of our future generations.

Like an exponentially growing number of people on this planet, we are also aware of the life and lifestyle threatening effects our behavior is having on the environment.

As we too looked to act responsibly we realized how difficult it was to get certified organic children’s clothes for our own kids. We also noticed the higher price points and lack of appealing design.

In 2009 we moved to Bali, Indonesia and had no reasonable access to organic clothing that we wanted for our children – not even online in the US. When we needed to replenish their wardrobes we began designing and having our own kids clothes made locally. We found a local source for organic cotton fabric and worked with a local natural dyer and a local small garment factory to produce our first styles. We called the brand Kids Organic.

We did our very first photo shoot with friends in Bali and decided to launch a simple e-commerce website.

As we started working on Kids Organic in 2011, we had virtually no funding or time, which forced us to look for much more efficient ways to manage the process. And our goal was not only to have sustainable clothes but also to make them affordable. And so we did.

YuMiChi was launched a year after Kids Organic’s initial success in 2013. YuMiChi addresses another observed gap in the organic market for kids ages 3- 8 years, Signature styles offer kids bold artful colors and concepts in playful combinations, inviting children to explore who they are and express their active creative spirits.

The brand name itself a play on the inspiration of its target age bracket: what happens when we put You, Me and Chi together? Traditional Chinese calligraphy extends the meaning: Michi – the path, Yu-has many positive associations depending on how the characters used.

Revi Schlesinger and Nicolay Kreidler - Founders